Take unlimited orders at once

Place orders on the go

Customers can place an order on the go, and it automatically sends the payment to you through the app.

Save time and Collect Rewards

No one likes to wait. What’s better than not waiting? Collecting rewards. Our rewards system automatically adds the points you earned and automatically rewards you. No more punch cards.

Take unlimited orders

Take the orders of an unlimited number of customers with zero order-taking employee overhead. Put time saved by not having to take orders manually to better use, like in preparing drinks or in serving customers.

Orders printed to the kitchen

Orders prints out automatically to yourcurrent kitchen printers. Just like your current workflow.

It's Invisible

Orders from customers prints out directly and automatically in your kitchen, as if one of your employees punched in an order. Connect the system once and never touch it again. No extra training needed.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike other online ordering companies, There are no hidden fees. We charge 2.9% + $0.30 through our PCI compliant payment processor, Braintree, a PayPal subsidiary.

0% of Customers tip 20% or more

Statistics show that 95% of people do not change defaults, which mean they will tip 20% every time they order from you. More tips will make your employees happier, have less employee turnover, and serve your customers better.